Dwight Benson Bio

I am a hands-on engineer and team leader whose comprehensive 35 years of experience includes management positions, system design, embedded software design, implementation and debug, Windows /Linux driver design and development as well as operating system design. I have a patent for finding wireless transmitter locations. My experience with hardware and software engineering has been gained through positions spanning everything from entry engineer to VP and Director of Hardware in a fortune 500 company. My extra-curricular passions include CNC, 3-D printing and modeling, and exploring new and challenging technology. As a Minnesota Native, I place great pride in the technological progress of the twin cities and surrounding tech landscape and am excited to continue contributing to the fast paced world of technology.



Over 35 years in Engineering:

  • 13 years at Network Instruments/JDSU/Viavi as VP and Director of hardware group.
  • System design, Embedded software, Windows/Linux driver design
  • Managed the designed 1/10/40 Gig capture cards and implemented the device driver.
  • 13 years at PPT Vision Senior Engineer.
  • Maintained image processor board that contained 2 FPGA and TMS320C30 DSP processor.
  • Wrote operating system for the TMS320C30 DSP.
  • Wrote device driver to load and manage the FPGA on the image processor and the image capture card.
  • Wrote BSP (Board Support Package) for IBM 750 power PC Galileo memory controller
  • 2 Years MCT as Senior Engineer
  • Wrote IC Tester runtime in 386/387 assemble and later converted it to C.
  • Developed hardware for 8751 based tester expansion for dual socket testers.
  • 6 Years at Detector/Intech Systems as Hardware/Software engineer and Engineering manager
  • Moved software development from Intel ISIS II to standard PC environment for boiler safety systems.
  • Lead development of Intech System touch panel based Chinese input system.




Patent number: 8204958

Apparatus and methods for network analysis

Abstract: Embodiments of methods, systems and apparatus for analysis and capture of network data items are described herein. Some embodiments include a receiving module which may receive a network data item from a network and which may then duplicate the network data item into two network data items. A capture module may receive one of the network data items for storage in storage device. A statistics or analysis module may in parallel receive the other network data item and may then perform network analysis on that network data item. Other embodiments are described and claimed.

Type: Grant

Filed: January 12, 2009

Date of Patent: June 19, 2012

Assignee: Network Instruments, LLC